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2008-09-18 13:56:54 by AbyssalSeraphim

ok, I may need a bit of help, some douchebag who I won't name *cough cough LeoG5 cough cough* has decided to z-bomb all my postings with multiple accounts, and it's making my ratings sink like a rock. If anyone could help, I would be most appreciative.


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2009-05-08 23:15:50

hmm thats a hard one try just removing their posts over and over?
or if that doesnt contact tom fulp or a admin or mod
and if that wont work just ignore them
and thats all i got


2009-05-09 01:08:29

ugh fuck you fuck anonymous fuck 4chan and fuck everything you stand for


2009-05-09 05:08:00

WTF is z-bombing?